LOTTE Energy materials

Global leader of cutting-edge materials and at the forefront of the world market-from ORIGIN to FUTURE

TOP. 1 of the world market share - The world’s leading Elefoil company

THE FIRST Developed - First in Korea gnb4_onto succeed in developing Elefoil

THE FIRST Developed - First in Korea to succeed in developing Elefoil

Promises a better Future - Creating a better future with potential for growth

various Product LINE UP - Skills to develop new market-leading products

experiment Times 20,000 - Pioneering technology development after over 20,000 experiments

  • Elecfoil Business Division - LOTTE Energy Materials is leading the development and evolution of cutting edge electronics through new high value-added Elecfoil development.
  • Energy Business Division - By producing core rechargeable lithium battery materials, we will provide solution for growing energy needs.

    ELECFOIL Business

    The world leader in top-quality Elecfoil production operating the world’s largest factory

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    ENERGY Business

    Core technology of the future along with the environment and decrease energy use

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  • Research & Development
    Lead the world with proprietary technology development in Elecfoil.
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    Introducing Headquarters and Iksan, Samgi plant, Samyoung Global.