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Elecfoil Business Division


Through permanent technical innovation and development research, we will be the sore of Heavy Electric Company in the world, which provides total solution for power transmission of electric industry.

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  • SINCE ILJIN was the first in Korea to develop and produce Elecfoil needed for PCB(Printed Circuit Board) production. As the first company to accomplish this feat, ILJIN is now the world leader in top-quality Elecfoil production operating the world’s largest factory.

    A printed circuit board is an electronics component in which Elecfoil attached and etched on an insulated polymer constitutes a microcircuit that mounts active and passive elements.
  • PCB Elecfoil is a thin copper foil that makes up these PCBs. It is produced by melting copper wire that is extracted from CuSO4 and made to order for clients. It is a core component in almost all electronic products such as televisions, computers, and cellular phones.

    In line with the rapidly changing IT industry, ILJIN Materials focused on the multifunctioning and smaller design of electronics products, and developed a high valueadded high-functioning special Elecfoil early on to become the world’s second largest Elecfoil producer.
  • ELECFOIL Elecfoil is also used for cathode collectors in rechargeable lithium batteries for almost all cellular IT products such as cellular phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, and camcorders.

    With the rapid growth of cellular IT products, electric vehicles, functional robots, and the environment-friendly energy industry, we expect the rechargeable lithium battery market to take-off. Especially in the case of Elecfoil, it has already surpassed the small batteries and has expanded into larger product areas such automobiles and energy storage.

    I2B, the Elecfoil for rechargeable lithium batteries produced by ILJIN Materials, currently has the world’s top market share, and ILJIN invested more than 100 billion won in expansion efforts to meet the ever increasing demand thus creating a launch pad for a second take-off.

    We will contribute to Korea’s industry securing world-class technological competitiveness by maximizing synergy with the Energy Business Division to produce high capacity, high output rechargeable lithium batteries to meet market needs.


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