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Energy Business Division

ENERGY Business

By producing core rechargeable Lithium battery materials, we will provide Solutions for growing energ y needs.

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  • SINCE The Energy Business Division, which produces the cathode active materials in rechargeable lithium batteries, began 2010 filled with optimism. Rechargeable lithium batteries are semi-durable in that they may be charged and reused.

    Rechargeable battery production technology is a core technology of the future along with solar and wind energy to protect the environment and decrease energy use.

    The cathode is the positive end of rechargeable lithium batteries and takes up the largest portion of the component at 30-40% of the battery itself. Therefore, it is a high value-added product.

    There are five different types of cathodes which are separated depending on the use of the rechargeable lithium battery. LCO, LNO and NCM have high discharge capacity and high density. Therefore, they are used in small IT product batteries. LMO and LFP have outstanding safety so they are used in high power application and mid- to large-sized rechargeable lithium batteries.

    ILJIN Energy Business Division’s LMO (LiMn2O4) is especially getting a lot of attention in the rechargeable lithium battery market, due to its higher rate capability, safety, and cost effectiveness than LCO, LNO, and NCM which have dominated the high capacity portable rechargeable battery market.
  • LMO Until 2009, the main demand for LMO was for rechargeable lithium batteries in electric power tools, and LMO produced by dry process met these demands.

    However, the HEV market prefers the LMO with a more uniform particle shape which can be produced by wet process. Therefore, the LMO market for HEV will focus on suppliers who have the technology to produce high density LMO by wet process.

    The Energy Business Division will produce next generation high-voltage electrode materials, 300mAh/g or higher electrode materials, and new products in order to solidify its position as the leader in the electrode material area.


LMO(Lithium Manganese Oxide)